Download 3DXChat connection test tool

Follow these steps carefully!

I created a "PowerShell" script to perform all the possible network tests.

Issues Because of the nature of these kind of scripts, your PC and browser will mark them as dangerous.

Feel free to review the code yourself before running.
Always make sure you download this tool from my site ONLY! Do not trust anyone else sending you a copy.


  1. Click here to download the 3DXChat connection tester.
  2. Your browser will warn you about the file type:
  3. Chrome download warning
  4. Click "Keep"
  5. Browse to your Downloads folder of your PC
  6. Right click the downloaded file and choose "Run with PowerShell"
    (Choose "Open" if you want to review the script itself first)
    Run with PowerShell
  7. Windows will give another warning.
    PowerShell run warning
  8. Click "Open"
  9. The script will now perform all tests.

    Issues This can take a while!

    Script running
  10. To get the best analysis and advice, upload your results to Type in "Y" and press enter after the tests are done.
  11. Script running